Gov. Greg Abbott speaks against Asian hate during rally in Sugar Land

HOUSTON – Texas Gov. Greg Abbott visited Fort Bend County Saturday for a rally supporting the Asian-American community.

Abbott spoke at the “Together – We are United” Rally in Sugar Land where he called for unity and respect among all Texans, according to a news release.

“Texas shines brightly as a beacon of freedom, hope, and opportunity for all, and I am proud of how our state celebrates the rich diversity of our communities,” said Governor Abbott. “We are better when every voice is heard and when every person has the opportunity to build a better life for themselves and their family.”

Abbott denounced violence, racism and prejudice against the Asian-America Community.

“The sad reality is that our nation has witnessed a rise in racist rhetoric and even violence targeted at Asian-Americans. It is wrong, and it has no place in America – and no place in the Lone Star State,” Abbott said. “Every man and woman is created equal in the eyes of God, and no one should ever be dehumanized or made to feel like they are less than because of their race, religion, or creed.”

Abbott urged people to stand by “our brothers and sisters in the Asian-American community” and not let them be “torn down and attacked.”

“Working side by side, we will continue to root out hate and unite all communities in Texas,” Abbott said. “When we do that, we will build a brighter future for Fort Bend County, the state of Texas, and the entire nation.”

Some people held signs and flags to show their support for the Asian community at the town square in Sugar Land.

“It’s important that we stand with them and do all we can to make them feel part of the overall American experience and dream,” Chris Mathews said.

“We are one Nation under God undivided that’s why we love all races,” Janet Zhan said.

The rally was not just about ending Asian hate. People of all races shared the importance of taking a stand against violence and racism for all.

“I have a lot of pride living in Fort Bend County because it is the most diversified county. I’m from India which is the most diversified country, and it has been like that for thousands of years,” Nik Nikam said.

“More than Asian American, African or any other we are truly American so United we stand,” Dan Mathews said.

The Governor was joined at the rally by Representative Jacey Jetton, Sugar Land Mayor Joe Zimmerman, Fort Bend County and Sugar Land officials, and Republican leaders.

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