Driver appears to intentionally run over ducks in west Houston, neighbors say

Driver runs over Muscovy ducks in west Houston
Driver runs over Muscovy ducks in west Houston

In a disturbing video, a person appears to be intentionally running over ducks in a west Houston neighborhood.

The incident left one duck dead and another injured.

“This was very, very intentional and everybody that’s seen the video is just appalled,” said a concerned resident Laura Shamrock.

Shamrock caught the incident on her home surveillance camera early Friday morning in a small gated community near Briar Forest and Enclave Parkway.

”I mean this person is just basically evil. I mean they almost went into our driveway trying to hit them,” said Shamrock.

Making matters worse, she said after the driver ran over and killed the duck, they turned around and came back.

”And backed into of my neighbors across the street and sits there for about three minutes and then takes off really fast again. We can’t see what they’re doing from that point, but probably trying to hit any other ducks that might be in the way,” Shamrock said.

Although the driver took off, many residents in the neighborhood said they’ll now be on the lookout to catch the person responsible.

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