Residents dreading notice for 24-hour construction operations at Katy-operated water plant

Families fed up with sound of nonstop drilling
Families fed up with sound of nonstop drilling

BROOKSHIRE, Texas – Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for approximately four weeks: That is how much longer a dozen Brookshire families will have to endure the grinding, pounding, and vibrating noises from the construction of a water plant, operated by the city of Katy.

Resident Robson Xavier said the noise is affecting his kids’ schoolwork.

“They can’t sleep,” said Robson. “They get home from school and they falling asleep in classes and become a problem.”

For neighbor Jason Orr, he has other concerns.

“My wife just had cancer surgery. She’s recovering, trying to,” he said. “And can’t even rest in her own bedroom because 10 feet to the left of her there’s heavy equipment.”

Katy officials said it is also building an emergency interconnect for Willow Creek Farms at the site. The interconnect will allow the neighborhood to have the capacity in emergencies, something the officials said the neighborhood asked for.

The city released a statement, which said in part, “Per the contractor, running a 24-hour operation is standard procedure for this industry, and it is needed to protect the integrity of the well as construction progresses.”

Still for residents, they have concerns and questions.

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