Man suspected of killing girlfriend in crash in northeast Houston, police say

HOUSTON – Police said a woman is dead and her boyfriend is injured after a crash they believe stemmed from speeding and drunk driving.

Investigators said the crash happened on Monday just after 9 p.m. on Wayne Street.

According to officers, a man was speeding down the street with his girlfriend in the truck. Police said he blew past a stop sign, hit a hidden dip in the road, lost control, hit a light pole, and rolled several times. Police said the girlfriend was killed and the man driving has some minor injuries.

A homeowner said he was just leaving his driveway with his family when the truck came crashing through.

“Thankful nothing happened to my family,” Jose Pacheco said. “We were on our way out. We’re backing up when that happened. We barely got missed when that mailbox flew past our truck. I’m just glad my two kids and my wife are safe in the house.”

Investigators believe alcohol was a factor in the crash but the details are still under investigation. The driver is expected to be charged with manslaughter. The district attorney said he potentially faces life in prison.

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