Got cellulite? Doctors say here are ways to minimize the appearance

HOUSTON – If you have cellulite and want to hit the pool this summer, don’t worry at all. You’re not alone-- nearly all women have cellulite.

The bad news is there’s no way to completely get rid of it, but you can minimize its appearance.

“Cellulite affects around 80 to 90% of all women,” said Dr. Henry Mentz with ACPS. “It’s a fibrous band that pulls the skin in and creates a dimple.”

According to a Harris Poll, 60% of women believe it’s their fault.

But, Mentz, a Triple-Board certified plastic surgeon, said that’s a common misconception.

“Weight loss can help some, but usually it’s related to your family heritage and if your Mom has cellulite, you’re probably going to have cellulite. That’s the unfortunate reality,” said Mentz.

Florence Gonzalez has tried exercising with no luck.

“I do it all, but at the end of the day, I still have those stubborn dimples that I can’t get rid of,” said Gonzalez.

Mentz said there are ways to minimize its appearance.

“There are some skin creams that can help a little bit and deep massage and rollers,” said Mentz.

There are a wide variety of rollers, including this one we found on Amazon for $16.

As far as creams, according to, the best ones for their low prices are Palmers Firming Butter for only $6 at Walmart or Nivea Gel-Cream for $10 on Amazon.

If you’re more serious, they offer multiple treatments at Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery.

“This is after three months, with Cellfina treatment and then this is after three years,” said ACPS Nurse Practitioner Christine Craig.

New on the market is Qwo the first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment for cellulite.

The cost starts at $2,300.

“Cellulite is super tricky,” said Craig. “You can’t get rid of it on your own. You can exercise, you eat healthy and they’re still stubborn and they’re still there.”

That’s why they said show yourself some love with cellulite and all!

“I think we need to be more accepting to the fact that we all struggle with it,” said Gonzalez.

Dr. Mentz said if you are considering any medical treatments for cellulite, make sure to do it in advance because you’ll have some bruising.

“Feel good about your body and put on the bathing suit and have some fun,” said Mentz.

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