Service pig stolen from family visiting Houston died after being left in vehicle for hours

Jersey Village – A California family’s search for their beloved service pig came to a sad ending on Thursday.

While the family was visiting Houston, their rental SUV was stolen Wednesday with Honey, their emotional support animal, inside. The next day, investigators found the pig inside of the car in a motel parking lot.

Sadly, the pig died shortly after.

Harris County Sheriff’s deputies said the rental was stolen from the La Quinta Inn and Suites located in the 13200 block of FM 1960 Road W.

The family, who was desperate for help, posted about the incident on social media, which was shared dozens of times.

The pig was finally discovered at the Quality Suites on Jones Road in Jersey Village.

Staff members at the Quality Suites said they were shocked to find out a car thief left a pig inside of a running vehicle.

“The suspect parked the car, left the car running and walked away,” said motel staff Mayra Ruiz.

Quality Suites said they were notified about the pig being inside the vehicle around 3 a.m. They said Jersey Village police informed them that they were turning the car off and putting the keys under the driver’s seat in case the owner of the car came back.

Precinct 5 deputies said they weren’t notified about the pig being inside the car until 5:20 p.m. and responded right away. When they recovered the pig, it was barely alive and later died.

Jersey Village Police Chief K. Riggs released a statement, “Since the vehicle had not been entered into the TCIC/NCIC system as a stolen vehicle at this time, and the officer had no indication it was a stolen vehicle, the officer returned to the vehicle and turned it off to prevent it from being stolen,” the department said.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office says they are actively looking for the suspect.

The Houston Humane Society is offering support to the owners of the pig as well.

Just as with children, Precinct 5 reminds everyone not to leave any pets in vehicles. Temperatures can climb extremely quickly, reaching fatal levels in a matter of minutes.

If you come across a pet in a closed vehicle, dial 911. For more information on what steps to take to protect pets of all kinds, click here.

Anyone with information on the incident should call Precinct 5 deputies at (281)463-6666 or Harris County Animal Cruelty Task Force at (832)927-PAWS.