Liberty County family says they were surrounded by water, stranded for days after Saturday night’s storm

Family stranded: Home surrounded by water
Family stranded: Home surrounded by water

Liberty County – Surrounded by water and stranded for days. That was the situation the Arnold family said they were in after Saturday night’s storm in Liberty County turned their Plum Grove home into an island.

“This is my little slice of heaven, and now it’s become hell,” said homeowner Jack Arnold.

The family said although there were only a few inches of rain and their house is 20 feet up, ultimately, there were nearly six feet of water down below, which made leaving impossible.

The family also explained that the rushing water took out their well.

“The water was rushing so fast you couldn’t get in. And you don’t have any water, and you can’t take a shower. Luckily, we have bottled water that we’ve been living on,” said Jack.

The family said it wasn’t until Wednesday that the water went down enough for them to paddle out.

“As the water comes up, your nerves get worse and you wonder what you’re going to lose his time,” said Jack’s wife Pamela.

The family said in the last few years since Harvey, they’ve flooded about half a dozen times.

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