What the pandemic taught us about vitamin D

Can vitamin D make COVID vaccines more effective?
Can vitamin D make COVID vaccines more effective?

HOUSTON – Vitamin D has been used during the treatment of COVID-19 patients. Many people are taking it to prevent severe infections and some believe it could help strengthen their immune system to improve the vaccine’s efficacy.

Vitamin D injections

During the pandemic, Neumed Urgent Care + IV Therapy in The Heights say people are coming in specifically for injections of the vitamin. The clinic also treats their COVID patients with vitamin D injections.

Patients like Sydney Jin said it gave immediate results.

“I was having severe chills and body aches. So, I decided ‘hey why not’ and decided to get it and felt much better,” Jin explained.

While many vaccine skeptics think simple steps like this can keep a severe infection at bay, Jin is proof that’s not always true. He’s an athlete, very healthy and still got sick. Although, he’s now recovered and fully vaccinated, he said he plans on continuing vitamin D injections because he wants to use it as one of many tools to stay healthy.

“I just felt better. No reason to change something after you feel better,” Jin said.

How bad is a vitamin D deficiency?