Spring business hasn’t received mail in 3 months

SPRING, Texas – A business in Spring fears it’s losing clientele because it hasn’t received any mail in three months.

Dr. Kevin R. Smith is a facial plastic surgeon and ear nose and throat doctor. Patients mail in CAT scans from all over the country in hopes Dr. Smith can cure their chronic migraines.

Dr. Smith said his business hasn’t received CT scans or any other mail in three months.

“So when I don’t get these scans, I’m frantic wondering whose thinking that I don’t care, I haven’t looked at it, I’m so busy,” he said.

The migraine specialist relocated his business, the Smith Center, from River Oaks to Spring in February for a bigger office and to expand his clientele.

Office manager Anna Giron said she contacted companies and patients prior to the move with their new address.

“It is crucial that we receive our mail,” Giron said. “We’re a doctor’s office.”

She’s even filled out a change of address form and hold mail forms with the USPS several times.

Giron said she received the same answers each time she visited her post office looking for the business’s mail.

“One is. ‘Well we have no mail for you’ or ‘We don’t have a slip of paper that even tells us your mail is supposed to be on hold,’” Giron recalled.

She said the post office would have her fill out forms she’s already completed in the past.

Dr. Smith said his office is getting mail in their mailbox, just not his.

“Mail is getting here,” he said. “The problem is it’s not my mail and so my mail is going somewhere else and to me, it indicates there’s just a lack of concern and care about your job.”

The migraine specialist is concerned about who might be receiving his patient’s private medical information. Dr. Smith said his office is losing time and money over it and he’s even considering moving back to River Oaks if he can’t get his mail.

“Although we’ve been here for three months, we have talked about going back to Houston because it’s just that bad,” he said.

The USPS confirmed to KPRC 2 that the business submitted a change of address; however, the postal service suggests the business should also submit a change of address separately for Dr. Smith.

“Our research indicates that this involves a change of address issue,” said the USPS in a statement. “We are working directly with the business to resolve it to their satisfaction. We apologize for any inconvenience that may have been experienced.”

A spokesperson told KPRC 2 that they would send someone to the business Monday before it closed. Giron said no one from the postal service spoke to them to resolve the issue.