Heavy storms lead to flooding in Houston area

The water levels rose quickly and in some cases, came dangerously close to homes in the Needville area.

Sybil Henry has lived in the area for about 30 years. She said her homes have flooded three times since 2017.

“What we started doing is picking up everything off the floor. I had blocks made 2×4′s so that if it rains I can easily put my furniture on the blocks,” Henry said.

Needville Mayor Andre Bohac estimates that 10% of residents had water in their homes. He said one of the hardest-hit areas was near Beasley and Church Street.

“The water was backing up and the street was acting as a dam so what we did is for now dug a hole across the street just to allow the water to flow through and when it dries out we’ll probably put a culvert in there,” said Bohac.

Residents in Wharton County and Sweeney dealt with much of the same. People at the River Oaks Apartment complex were up to their knees in water.

“I haven’t seen it like this since Harvey,” said resident Kathy Burt.

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