Houston man faces long recovery after being shot

HOUSTON – The family of a Houston man who was shot multiple times said he faces a long road to recovery.

Christopher Katthage, 38, was shot outside of his apartment on Richmond Avenue on April 17, according to Houston police.

“How do you shoot somebody almost a dozen times for whatever reason the case might be,” said Leon Katthage, the victim’s brother.

Chris is a former Marine who made the news back in 2017 for a much different reason. He spoke with KPRC 2 after rushing to help a woman who had crashed into a restaurant.

Now, he’s recovering in the hospital and his family wants to know why someone would take aim at him.

“I mean he’s 38-years-old, still got plenty of life left, and yeah, justice is exactly what we want,” Leon said.

Police said there was an argument possibly over a parking space but they don’t know that for sure yet, according to a police spokesman.

Leon said detectives initially told him two people were trying to steal Chris’s motorcycle.