Ball HS senior graduating from high school, college in same year

GALVESTON, Texas – A high school senior in Galveston Independent School District will already have a jump start on her college education when she graduates this year.

The Ball High School senior who dual-enrolled at Galveston College is off to a pretty impressive start.

Maia Adolphs said she thrives on using her academic talents, achievements and leadership skills to help and serve others.

“For me, work worth doing is performing on stage but it’s also working at community service at SGA, but it’s also commanding at ROTC, a lot of different things,” Adolphs said.

On top of a long list of extracurricular activities she’s involved in, the 18-year-old has risen as a star student -- even during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I am a senior at Ball High School, but I am also graduating Galveston College with my associate’s degree next month,” Adolphs said.

She said it was all thanks to an opportunity offered through Galveston College for deserving high school students called the dual credit academy. It allows students to get a head start on earning college credits while still earning a high school diploma.

“So, I’m graduating twice,” she said. “I’m graduating on May 14 and I’m graduating on June 2.”

Adolphs said she is proud of her accomplishment as it leads to fulfilling her passion.

“I like to make the world a better place and I like to make it better for the people around me. So that isn’t necessarily one passion, it’s just kind of how I approach life,” she said.

In the fall, Adolphs said she will travel to Mary Baldwin University in Staunton, Virginia, where she’s going to take part in the school’s VWIL program, which is a leadership program that includes military preparation. She said her goal one day is to join the U.S. Coast Guard.

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