New Waverly residents evacuated from homes due to flooding

NEW WAVERLY – Parts of New Waverly in Walker County had to deal with flooding on Friday.

The New Waverly Fire Department says they had to rescue several residents because of the weather.

KPRC 2 spoke to one family who had to be evacuated from their home on Timber Creek Road. The family says they never had any flooding issues until now.

The family shared video with KPRC 2 that shows several wood boards covering up a drainage ditch down the street from their home. The video shows an excavator moving the pallets and several feet of water flowing through the ditch.

A woman named Devon says she woke up to several inches of water inside her home. She called 911 and crews rescued her family. Devon says it went from heavy rain to flooding in about 15 minutes.

She blames the power company for the flooding.

“Entergy left all those pallets against that drainage ditch and the water had nowhere to flow. It just backed up into our homes. It is my home, my mother’s home, my sister’s home, and my niece’s home. She had a brand-new baby with her when it started flooding. It was bad out here,” she said.

Devon says all the furniture and appliances are soaked from the flooding. The family had several animals on the property.

A pregnant Goat was rescued. They are still looking for another goat and a donkey.