Lightning blamed for apartment fire in northwest Harris County, investigators say

Lightning blamed for apartment fire
Lightning blamed for apartment fire

HOUSTON – Several families are out of their homes Friday after a massive apartment fire in northwest Harris County.

Firefighters said the flames started just before 8 a.m. on Cornerstone Village Drive near Walters Road and investigators believe the fire was weather-related.

A resident had cell phone video of the lightning that struck the roof of a building before the fire. In the video, flames can be seen shooting from the roof. Firefighters said 24 units were impacted and all residents made it out safely.

Some residents said they heard a loud boom before they smelled smoke and rushed out of their apartments.

“They got everybody pretty quick but it started spreading because the first truck didn’t have a latter so they couldn’t get to it and it spread quickly,” Imani Hubbard said.

Authorities said 24 units were damaged before firefighters could put the fire out.

Investigators said no one was injured and one man was treated for smoke inhalation. The investigation is ongoing.

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