Galveston businesses team up with Port officials pushing CDC to lift ban on cruises

Galveston business owners push to bring back cruises
Galveston business owners push to bring back cruises

GALVESTON, Texas – There are 850 businesses under the Galveston Chamber of Commerce that thrive on tourism and a big part of that is the cruise industry.

News that cruises could be resuming soon is making a big splash.

”Excited, we welcome them with open arms,” said Genette Bassett, the owner of Galveston Dry Goods.

There is a lot of anticipation for cruises to return to the Port of Galveston now that many Americans are being vaccinated.

”Even the people who work on the cruise ships are great customers to the island,” Bassett said.

On Tuesday, the port of Galveston Wharves Board approved a resolution that calls for cruising to resume.

”I’m glad we got the due diligence period over with,” said Roger Rees, the Port of Galveston CEO and Director.

With the pandemic putting a halt to cruising, Gina Spagnola, who is the CEO of the Galveston Chamber of Commerce, said businesses have taken a hit.

”We missed the pre-cruise visits where people come here and they discover Galveston and they stay in our hotels and they eat in our restaurants,” Spagnola said.

Local tourism officials working closely with cruise lines said they’re confident that when the ban on cruises is lifted, there will be a safety plan in place.

”The bottom line is we’re in this together,” Rees said.

”We know that those cruise ships are committed to excellence they’re committed to health and safety,” Spagnola said.

Two cruise ships are expected to dock at the Port of Galveston on Monday.

The CDC has banned cruises until November 1st.

On Monday, there will be a press conference pushing the CDC to lift that ban.

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