Fiesta Mart in east Houston damaged in Hurricane Harvey set to reopen

HOUSTON – A Fiesta Mart located in east Houston, which has been closed for more than three years, is set to reopen.

The store on the East Freeway near Federal Road flooded during Hurricane Harvey and looters ransacked the store, causing a lot of damage.

Since then, it’s been boarded up.

“(There’s) broken glass, graffiti, yeah, there’s a whole lot of that,” said nearby resident Kendra Lewis.

The loading dock in the back of the store was full of water and trash.

“Right now, it’s alright but when all the trash and stuff, yeah, it’s an eyesore,” said Lewis.

Dollar Empire, located in the same parking lot, has taken a huge hit and worked every day to survive. The owners were even forced to raise prices.

“Ever since Harvey happened, in the beginning, it was like 90 to 80% of the business was gone. We hardly survived it and slowly, slowly, we’re bringing back the customers,” said Latif Ali, owner of Dollar Empire.

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