Harris County woman involved in 80-mile police chase broadcasts crime spree on Twitter

Vandalism spree in stolen SUV documented by suspect now in jail

A Harris County woman is in jail after she documented a crime spree on Twitter.

Nina Amber Howell, 35, of Cypress, stole an SUV under the guise of test driving it, then used the vehicle to commit a series of property crimes, according to both charging documents and the private investigator who tracked her down.

Howell is charged with felony theft, felony evading, and criminal mischief.

On Thursday night, she was involved in an 80-mile police pursuit from Cypress to Clute, where the stolen vehicle reached speeds in excess of 120 miles per hour.

“Thank God, nobody was injured,” said private investigator Hunter Cox.

Cox was contacted by one of the vandalized businesses to investigate the matter, found Howell at a northwest Harris County coffee shop. Howell documented some of the activity she was involved in on her Twitter account, including bizarre videos, after hours on various commercial properties:

The mother of two appeared to have vendettas against certain businesses, particularly those that sell or rent cars.

Howell was arrested after a law enforcement officer made a successful “PIT” maneuver on the stolen Mitsubishi.

Howell was not seriously injured but does appear to have blood on her in some of her social media videos.

The mother of two is held on a $35,100 bond total and remained in the Harris County Jail Friday.

Friday afternoon she was escorted out of a magistrate’s courtroom by a deputy after an outburst.