Pair of rabbits found inside woman’s SUV after wild hit-and-run in The Heights

HOUSTON – A wild crash was caught on camera in a Houston heights neighborhood.

It happened on Aurora Street Sunday morning. Two cars were left with serious damage. There was also a tire that barreled through the streets that smashed into a potted plant.

“I would say she was driving at least 50 miles an hour, and we’ve got speed bumps,” said Cressandra Thibodeaux.

The story gets even stranger. There were rabbits left behind by the hit-and-run driver.

Thibodeaux said several people tried to stop the woman from leaving the scene. Her mother’s car is gone and she’s grateful no one got hurt.

“When I walked out and I saw the destruction maybe there is bad luck,” Thibodeaux said.

Thibodeaux just can’t catch a break. Her mother, Marylin, battled COVID-19 for three months last year and she continues to have issues with colon cancer.

“We had just come back from the emergency room the night prior to wake up to this,” she said.