Ask 2: When is the Lynchburg Ferry reopening?

HOUSTONQuestion: Claude Stephens asks: When is the Lynchburg Ferry reopening?

Answer: According to the Harris County Toll Road Authority, The Lynchburg Ferry is expected to open at the end of this month, assuming we get decent weather and there are no contractor delays.

Here’s a peek at the work, crews were able to get done:

Both entrances and transfer ramps that go on and off the ferry boats were reconstructed.

The ferries themselves have received some much-needed engine work, new decks, and a new paint job.

There’s going to be a new elevated road and new ramps that will help the ferry from shutting down when it floods.

Even though the Lynchburg Ferry will be back in business, users will still see construction through the fall. This work should not interrupt services.

All of this was done to help preserve the Lynchburg Ferry and make sure it stays running in Cy for years to come.

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