4 ways families can take conservation action this Earth Day -- and beyond -- in the Houston area

HOUSTON – It’s a good idea to start young to instill the importance of stewardship and taking care of the world we all share.

This Earth Day, why not use the holiday as a way to teach your kids how to give back with these opportunities to conserve the Earth?

Here’s how.

Beach cleanups:

Since the pandemic is ongoing, there are opportunities for your family to clean up beaches without a set schedule. You can do a virtual Texas Adopt-A-Beach event by tagging your photos #GiveTrashtheBoot.

People sunbathe on the beach in Galveston, Texas. (2020 Getty Images)

Tree planting:

Trees for Houston is holding volunteer events for planting trees throughout the city. All you have to do to take part is provide your contact information to join the mailing list for regular events. Here is the guidance the organization is providing for COVID-19 safety. Follow it on Facebook for more information.

Thinking about planting a tree? (Pexels stock image)

Native and wildlife-promotion gardening and keeping:

It’s a great idea to help conserve the environment and to teach it to your kids through planting native plants to Houston. Texas A&M Forest Service has a great listing of plants that help your area, from cutting back on water use to helping pollinators like bees, birds, bats and butterflies.

Cockrell Butterfly Center (Briana Zamora)

Raising money for a cause for donation efforts:

Spring is a great time to clean out your house and have a garage sale. The kids can do a lemonade stand. You can use your profits to do something for the kids, but perhaps take a portion of the proceeds to help local conservation groups like the Galveston Bay Foundation and the Houston Zoo that take on big projects to reclaim swamp land or conserve vital habitats around the world.

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