Crosby woman finds mystery ashes near front yard, working to reunite with family

CROSBY – When one Crosby woman set out to do yard work one day, she never imagined finding someone’s ashes. Now, the woman said she’s determined to solve the mystery and return the remains to their rightful family.

“I couldn’t imagine misplacing something like this,” Crosby homeowner Mandy Patrick said.

Patrick set out last week to get her yard tidied up. She said she started out by picking up debris from a waterway ditch outside of her home.

“I was about to mow the yard. I was just walking around picking up stuff and I found the little heart on the ground,” Patrick said.

She found a wooden heart with an intricate carving of a man’s face. The wooden heart had an opening in the back.

“The guy seems to be in his 20a,” Patrick said.

She didn’t know what it was, so she decided to open it.

“That’s when we actually discovered that it was actually ashes,” Patrick said.