‘They didn’t care about my past’: Local program gives hope and healing for human trafficking survivors

HOUSTON – Along with Mexico and the Philippines, the United States is considered one of the worst places for human trafficking.

There is not an official total on the number of victims, but the estimates have it in the hundreds of thousands.

Many programs focus on getting survivors out of human trafficking, but what will their lives be afterward?

Dorris Walker-Taylor said her life changed forever the day her father and mother were attacked by a family member.

“Severely injured my mom and shot my father and I was 12 years old,” Walker-Taylor said.

Her father died and she turned to drugs to cope.

“My life was full of going to jail, getting out of jail, and selling myself as though I was some type of commodity,” Walker-Taylor said.

After 20 years on the street, she came to Thistle Farms. In Thistle Farms’ two-year residential program, survivors are provided housing, healthcare, counseling sessions, and job training.

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