Woman upset after moving company delivers damaged items after monthslong delay

Moving company delivers damaged items after months
Moving company delivers damaged items after months

HOUSTON – Sara Eriksen recently hired a moving company for nearly $4,000 to help her make the transition from California to Houston.

U.S. National Van Lines picked up her items on February 5 and expected to deliver on February 23. Despite numerous calls and complaints, the company didn’t deliver the items until nine weeks later on April 9.

“For me, it was a cost issue I was trying to save money in my move but I guess if I ever do move again. I’m going to make sure that I at least have $10,000 put away for a reputable mover,” said Eriksen.

Eriksen felt the worse was over but when the items arrived they were in horrible condition. The packing boxes were torn, items were falling out and several other items were even damaged.

“How am I going to go through this? It’s going to be a nightmare,” Eriksen said.

Eriksen has tried to get a hold of the company to request a refund but has been unable to.

KPRC 2 also tried but found that one of the numbers was disconnected and the other was a wrong number, according to the caller on the other end.

The Better Business Bureau of Houston offered a few tips on how to find a reputable company.

“So first off check to make sure they’re licensed. Here in Texas, they’re required to be licensed by the Texas Department Of Motor Vehicles and also the United States Department of Transportation,” said Vice President of Operations Leah Napoliello.

Napoliello added the consumers can also research different companies on websites such as the Better Business Bureau.

“For instance, you can check the BBB and see if we have any complainants or customer reviews on a particular mover,” Napoliello said.

Eriksen said she plans to take the week to sort through her items but is planning on filing a lawsuit against the company for the way her items were delivered.

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