Woman, 2 children who went missing from Greenspoint area found safe in Galveston, Texas EquuSearch says

Police searching for mother, 2 kids missing in Houston
Police searching for mother, 2 kids missing in Houston

HOUSTON – Texas EquuSearch’s Tim Miller said a family missing since Sunday has been found safe in Galveston.

The mother and two children were considered to be in extreme danger, according to Texas EquuSearch.

Officials said Tiffany Reed, 35, Maniah Jackson, 4, and Darius Jackson, 3, were last seen in the Greenspoint and FM 1960 area on Sunday. Reed is described as a Black woman, 5′5″ tall and 125 pounds. She has brown eyes and black hair.

Miller said he is on his way to Galveston Police Departmen with Reed’s sister in an effort to learn more details about the family’s disappearance.

According to Reed’s sister, Shacolby, the last person who reportedly saw Reed was her boyfriend, who said they were at a furniture store on FM 1960 on Sunday around noon. The boyfriend said Reed and the children were in the car, but when he came out, they were gone but the car was still there.

Shacolby said the family has been looking for Reed on Houston’s northside and attempted to retrieve surveillance video at the furniture store. However, the family said it wasn’t given to them. Police said they will go back and request the video, according to Shacolby.

Shacolby said they also received a tip that Reed and the children were at the Inn Town Suites on FM 1960. A maintenance man said he saw her but when police arrived, he said he was mistaken.

Reed’s sister said she’s never met the boyfriend and she has only talked to him since Reed’s disappearance. She added that her mom also doesn’t know the boyfriend personally. She said that Reed and the boyfriend broke up sometime before due to domestic violence issues. She said it is possible that the couple had gotten back together.

CPS was also involved and mentioned that this boyfriend was using a fake name, according to Shacolby.

Shacolby said the last family member to speak to Reed was her other sister last Tuesday, and the boyfriend was going to let her call back, but she never did.

According to Shacolby, Reed grew more distant over the past few months. The family said they usually had to go through the boyfriend to talk to Reed or go to her house in Beaumont. Her mom said the last time she saw Reed was in March, and the last time they talked on the phone was March 14.

The family said they don’t believe the boyfriend is telling the truth about Reed and the children leaving the furniture store. They fear she is being held or being trafficked by the boyfriend or someone else.

The family said the children are not biologically related to the boyfriend.

Anyone with information is asked to call HPD at 832-394-1840 or call Texas EquuSearch at 281-309-9500.

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