Klein ISD investigating after video shows student being attacked with laptop

Video: Student attacks boy with laptop at school
Video: Student attacks boy with laptop at school

The Klein Independent School District said it is investigating after a seventh-grade student was hit in the back of the head with a laptop.

James Blackshire said a video shows his 13-year-old son Jeremiah getting stuck by another student on Monday at Wunderlich Intermediate School.

“I watched it one time. I was angry,” Blackshire said. “That angered me to see my son get hit like that when he don’t deserve it.”

Looking back, he said his son could have been seriously hurt. Blackshire said his son has ADHD and mild autism.

According to Blackshire, his son was left with pain but was checked and does not have a concussion.

“I’m still hurting to this day,” Blackshire said.

Jeremiah said he doesn’t know the student who was holding the laptop. Their classes were combined that day and the two exchanged words before the incident.

“While I’m sitting down I look back, he said like, ‘Why you following me man?’ I was like, ‘Naw, I’m not following (you).’ He kept saying that, ‘Why you following me?’” Jeremiah said.