Residents discover 6-foot alligator in Richmond neighborhood pond

HOA plans to capture, relocate the animal

Richmond, TEXAS – Meet Albert.

He is a six-foot alligator some neighbors in the River’s Edge subdivision in Richmond have recently become acquainted with.

The gator has only been here for a few days but has already caused quite the stir.

“Just a few days ago, my mom called me and said there’s an alligator. She said I’m really nervous it’s close to the house,” said neighbor Christine Cortes.

On Wednesday morning, her mom came outside to find a duck carcass in the front yard, the same spot she takes her dog out at night. This shook them even more.

“I mean a gator could have been right here three feet away from my mom last night,” said Cortes.

Another major concern, so many children in the neighborhood.

“I have a 2-year-old niece that’s always here at my mom’s house. We’re always taking her out for walks. I mean until now we used to go walk down there and feed the ducks. That’s something we can’t do anymore,” Cortes said.

When the homeowners association got word of Albert, they contacted their MUD district because MUD 140 owns the ponds. The HOA says a rescue team has already been hired to come out and safely relocate Albert.

“Normally, if we had a four-footer or three-foot alligator, we would kind of ignore it, it would just go back. But now that he’s six-foot our neighbors are concerned. We don’t want any harm to this alligator. We want this alligator to be removed and rescued and placed in an area where alligators can survive on their own,” said neighbor Tim Homa.

The HOA tells KPRC 2 the rescue group is expected to pick up the gator sometime this week. They also plan to get warning signs put up around the ponds as soon as they can.

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