Good Hope Church teams up with H-E-B to provide COVID-19 vaccines to residents in Third Ward

Church hosts vaccine clinic in Third Ward

HOUSTON – HEB and Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church hosted a vaccine clinic in Third Ward Wednesday afternoon.

This stop is part of an initiative HEB is working on to help bring vaccines to areas that may have low access.

After a quick moment in line and a temperature check, community members like Valerie Clay were one step closer to beating COVID-19.

“I’m so relieved I’m finally getting the vaccine. I’ve signed up for so many different ones and never heard back,” she said.

Senior Pastor D.Z. Cofield is making sure people in Third Ward can roll up their sleeves and get their shots.

“As we know, even in this area in the shadows of the medical center, we have a problem with access to healthcare,” Cofield said.

The church teamed up with HEB to provide 240 doses of the Moderna vaccine. Baltimore Deciga said it has been tough trying to find the shot elsewhere.

“It’s been a long time coming, and for us, this is the first time we registered somewhere else, but we haven’t gotten the opportunity until now,” he said.

HEB said the goal is to make sure everyone has access to good health. They’re focusing on areas with low vaccine availability and higher COVID-19 rates.

“Some people are not able to drive across town, drive to another city or have cars to drive anywhere, and by bringing it right into their neighborhood it allows them access to the vaccine and more people can get the shot,” said Lisa Helfman, Director of Public Affairs for HEB Houston.

Last week, HEB teamed up with the Tejano Center to provide vaccines to people in the Gulfgate community.

They also plan to provide another clinic at a different site. The details for that site is still in the works.