3 Center Court Pizza shops targeted by thieves, nearly $6,000 stolen

3 locations of Center Court Pizza was recently hit by thieves

PEARLAND – At least two thieves were caught on camera stealing the safe at multiple locations of a local pizza chain. Now, restaurant leaders are speaking out hoping to get the thieves caught.

Center Court Pizza & Brew has been in this community for more than a decade. Peck Kuy is the chain’s operations director. Kuy is determined to overcome a massive loss due to burglary.

“They’re out there. People are looking to make an easy dollar off of other people’s hard work,” Kuy said.

The heist on Friday around 3 a.m. was caught on surveillance video.

“I want these guys caught,” Kuy said. Two thieves’ faces were partially caught on video. Kuy said the thieves broke the lower window of the pizzeria, pushed in a toolbox and both thieves began to crawl to the office to apparently avoid the motion sensors.

“So, this is where they actually broke in at. One guy was sitting outside,” Kuy pointed to the boarded-up window.

When the thieves reached the office, the surveillance video shows them rummaging.

“See the lights are motion-activated. Thank God we have a camera,” Kuy said.

The thieves took off with all the cash and thousands of dollars in the safe, according to Kuy. 

To his surprise, the thieves then targeted Center Court Pizza & Brew’s neighboring restaurant, Pepper Twins Mini, which is located next door.

Managers there said the thieves took off with their safe, an iPad, and thousands of dollars. However, there was more. Monday morning, Kuy got a call.

“That’s when we found out that two more places had been broken into,” Kuy said.

This time, Kuy reported to police that thieves hit up their Center Court Pizza & Brew’s Spring and Vintage Park locations,

“99.9%, I think it’s the same people,” Kuy said.

The Spring location’s caught images of a Chevy sedan leaving the scene. The three pizzeria locations had nearly $6,000 stolen collectively.

“That’s not just cash from the registers, but tips for the bartender and servers,” Kuy said.

Kuy now warns they have changed their security policies and are asking the community for help in identifying the thieves.

“It’s not going to end well for them,” Kuy said.

Kuy said anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers.