There is $144 million still available in rent relief for Houston and Harris County residents. Here is how you can apply

HOUSTON – The Houston and Harris County Rent Relief Program is still open to applicants. There is no deadline for this round, so you can take the time to gather all the documents and proof you will need.

There is still $144 million available of the original $159 million federal funds allocated at the end of February. Since the program started. More than 4,100 families have received help. Remember, if you qualify, you can still apply even if your landlord is not enrolled.

Check out to learn about the eligibility requirements for both tenants and landlords, read FAQs, and submit documents.

Per U.S. Treasury guidelines, most payments will be made directly to landlords instead of tenants. This will reduce the wait time for past-due rent to be paid and will also protect tenants from eviction, legal action, and late fees.

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