Slain Boulder officer was born in Houston, family members confirm

HOUSTON – The Boulder, Colorado, police officer who was killed while responding to a shooter at a grocery store was born in Houston, family members confirmed.

Eric Talley was born in Houston in 1969, according to his stepmother. It’s not clear if he grew up in Houston or what hospital he was born in.

Talley joined the police force in Boulder in 2010 with a background that included a master’s degree in computer communications, his father said.

“At age 40, he decided he wanted to serve his community,” Homer “Shay” Talley, 74, said from his ranch in central Texas. “He left his desk job. He just wanted to serve, and that’s what he did. He just enjoyed the police family.”

Officer Talley was the first to arrive after a call about shots being fired and someone carrying a rifle, Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold said.

Boulder County District Attorney Michael Dougherty said Talley was “by all accounts, one of the outstanding officers” in the department.

With seven children, ages 7 to 20, Talley was a devoted father who “knew the Lord,” his father said.