Dr. Joseph Varon works 366th consecutive day amid pandemic

HOUSTON – Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Joseph Varon has become a leading national voice in the fight against the deadly virus.

On Saturday, Varon worked his 366th consecutive day at United Memorial Medical Center in North Houston, and he said the pandemic is far from over.

“COVID has brought a physical toll on me as well as an emotional toll,” he said.

Varon said the past year has been challenging and it has affected him in many ways. He said he spent many hours treating hundreds of sick patients.

“I have probably signed close to 50 death certificates over the last year,” he said.

Dozens of people from Solid Rock Ministries thanked Dr. Varon and other healthcare workers for their hard work and sacrifice on Saturday.

Andrew Hernandez said he battled COVID-19 for eight days last year, and UMMC saved his life.

“It was pretty scary, once you can’t breathe and you have double pneumonia that’s really scary,” Hernandez said.

Varon said everyone should continue to wear a mask, practice social distancing and get the vaccine. He said to expect a spike two weeks after spring break.

“COVID is still here. COVID is not going away anytime soon. We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel,” he said.

Varon said once things get a little better, he plans to take a trip to the beach and get some much-needed sleep.