Senator’s annual ‘Festivus’ report highlights government grant for boat slips, marinas

Former Lake Jackson resident, U.S. Senator Rand Paul identifies Texas project

Senator concerns over federal dollars building boat slips
Senator concerns over federal dollars building boat slips

HOUSTON – Laguna Harbor sounds like a coastal Shangri-La nestled somewhere in sunny California.

However, this Laguna Harbor sits right in our backyard on Bolivar Peninsula. It sits approximately 64 miles from the struggles of Janie Murray in northeast Houston.

“It’s been really, really hard,” said Murray, who was a victim of Harvey. “A lot of people still haven’t gotten their house repaired.”

Murray has waited more than three years for help from the federal government in rebuilding her flooded home. KPRC 2 Investigates recently toured her new property.

“I’m blessed, I’m blessed to get this house,” said Murray.

Back at Laguna Harbor, the feds have earmarked dollars for another building project, a new marina. Former Lake Jackson resident and now U.S. Senator Rand Paul’s reaction?

“I’m tired of you spending money on rich people, let’s spend it on those who need money,” said the Junior U.S. Senator from Kentucky.

Paul by the way also is a big fan of Seinfeld, specifically, the episode featuring “Festivus.” a fictitious holiday that includes feats of strengths and the airing of grievances.

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