Texas explains requirements after social media posts suggest vaccine was open to all

2 counties explain who's qualified to receive vaccine
2 counties explain who's qualified to receive vaccine

HOUSTON – Despite some social media posts, the Texas Division of Emergency Management said certain COVID-19 vaccination events in Liberty and Matagorda counties will not be open to almost anyone.

On Thursday, Liberty County Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security posted on Facebook, “The age restriction for COVID-19 vaccinations has been lifted.”

The post said people over the age of 18, who want a vaccine can go to sites in Dayton and Liberty.

Dayton Mayor Caroline Wadzeck told KPRC 2 the event at the community center was focused on seniors but when enough did not show up so they opened up the vaccines to others to make sure they weren’t wasted.

The doses initially went to folks who are homebound, as well as those 65 and older, said TDEM spokesman Seth Christensen. The rest went to people ages 50 and up, as well as teachers, he said.

People ages 50 to 64 are part of group 1C in Texas, which is open for vaccination. School workers can also get vaccinated at this time.

Christensen said seniors will also be the priority at Friday’s event at the community center.

Also on Thursday, a post on the Matagorda County Emergency Operation Center’s Facebook page discussed a vaccination event at the county fairgrounds scheduled for Thursday and Friday.