Spring break begins with no COVID-19 restrictions in Texas

Spring break is arriving in Galveston following a year that was unlike any other in recent memory.

After a year of the coronavirus pandemic, Texas has lifted its face mask mandate and capacity limits for businesses.

“People are going to be definitely excited to get out but I don’t think it’s going to be like a regular spring break at all,” said Jared Glover, a manager and bartender at Market Station.

He said spring break will probably be smaller this year, though he still expects customers to head out.

“If you’re going out, you already know the inherent risk of that so let people be free and make their own decision,” he said.

Some businesses had signs posted stating they still require masks while other establishments are allowing customers to make that decision on their own.

“If you feel like it’s a risk then stay home and if you want to go out, wear a mask. But I don’t think you should require anybody else,” said Katie Baker, a bartender at Bubba’s on the Strand.

She is expecting a busy couple of days ahead.

“Anything that keeps you in your house for a long period of time, you’re going to want to get out, you’re going to want to go have fun and that’s what the island’s all about is fun,” she said.