Extras needed for movie being filmed in Conroe this spring

Clapperboard (Pixabay)

A new movie will begin filming in Conroe in mid-April and its production company is seeking extras to fill out its scenes.

The film is described as a “mind-bending story exploring the themes of friendship, love, hope, faith, and redemption” and centers around a writer who was in a car accident.

“The Author is a labor of love, carefully crafted over a decade, produced with a specific purpose,” wrote screenwriter Ritchey Cable on the film’s website. “The viewer is invited to enter into the story and engage with some of life’s most puzzling questions.”

Couples or individuals interested in becoming extras for the film can register here.

Those selected will appear in scenes involving a diner, a coffee shop or an extravagant wedding.

Once the production schedule is finalized, the crew will reach out to applicants.

For more information about the film, click here.