Walmart exec says supply-demand dynamic of vaccine rollout could soon shift

HOUSTON – A Walmart executive said Wednesday that the dynamic of demand outpacing supply of the coronavirus vaccine could soon shift.

Dan Bartlett, Walmart’s executive vice president, said there are about 3,000 stores across the country that are offering COVID-19 shots with as many as 80,000 vaccines being administered on peak days. He said that could grow to nearly 13 million doses per week as vaccine supplies increase.

“We’re short of that now,” Bartlett said. “Each week it gets ramped up more and more.”

Bartlett said he expects that within a month to 45 days the supply will begin to be larger than the demand.

“The supply is not keeping up with demand,” Bartlett said. “That’s going to flip relatively quickly, where we’re going to have, the supply is going to be ample, and then it’s going to be about demand.”

Bartlett said that Walmart will consider putting the vaccines in more stores as supplies increase.

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