Many Tarkington ISD students return to class with no masks after Texas mask mandate ends

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LIBERTY COUNTY, Texas – Starting Wednesday, students and teachers at Tarkington ISD were not required to wear a mask at schools.

“To each (their) own. Wear it, be safe. If it makes you feel safer, wear it,” said mother Janet Noel. “I don’t think the masks do very much for you, anyway,” said Noel.

Noel has three children in third, fourth and seventh grades at Tarkington ISD schools.

The school board voted to make masks optional after asking the parents in a poll.

“Some parents were actually upset that we voted to do away with it because other schools don’t want to participate in sports with us,” said

Magnolia ISD is also doing away with the mask policy on April 1.

Humble ISD has made changes saying students under 10 years old do not have to mask up.

Even though it’s not required, many said they hope people are considerate of others.

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