Town hall answers questions for residents seeking assistance after winter storm damage

HOUSTON – Over the past several days, people across the Houston area have been dealing with broken water pipes and damage after last week’s winter storm.

On Thursday, a group of residents came out for a town hall in the Heights. The meeting provided information on filing insurance claims.

One of those homeowners, Tim Mullinax shared a familiar story.

“Three broken pipes in the house, some sheetrock damage,” said Mullinax. “We went 58 hours without electricity and that’s what caused the pipes to break.”

Mullinax is one of at least a dozen people being represented by attorney Eric Dick. Most said they are having trouble getting insurance companies to honor claims.

Others don’t know how the process works and some haven’t even received responses from their insurance providers.

“They need to know that they don’t have to be alone during the process,” Dick said. “They have the right to hire an attorney. They have the right to hire a public adjuster. They have the right to seek help.”

There are likely thousands seeking that same help right now: cleaning up the damage, navigating the paperwork. All to put the pieces back together.

“Asking questions and making sure that I am taking the right steps to get my house taken care of,” Mullinax said. “And taking care of my family.”

Dick said for those who need legal action but don’t have the money, there are a number of attorneys who will represent clients on a contingency basis.

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