Houston Humane Society in urgent need of water donations, help after shelter suffers storm damage

HOUSTON – The Houston Humane Society is in “desperate need” of water donations after one of its wells sustained damage during the winter storm last week.

The non-profit animal shelter has been operating without water since the winter storm. While the shelter works on getting the well repaired, the employees are hoping that the public can help supply water for the animals.

The shelter, which houses hundreds of animals in need, said its well pump broke after the intermittent power surges, leaving the facilities without access to running water. It’s now been more than a week.

“We’ve been without water since the disaster,” said Houston Humane Society spokesperson Katie Fine. “We are currently running without water... It’s difficult. The dogs are not getting baths and when we take them out for a walk, they bring in mud and we can’t clean them...We don’t have bathrooms [running] so we’re using bottled water to wash our hands.”

Thankfully, after the Houston Humane Society took to social media asking for help, people like Sondra Myers and her husband started coming to help.

“I filled up what I had at home, and then we went to Sam’s,” Myers said. “I am a huge animal lover.”

Companies like Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company & Richard’s RainWater sent large quantities of water, but Fine said any bit helps.

“We use this water obviously to give them drinking water to bathe them and to clean the kennels,” Fine said. “That one bottle of water can keep them hydrated for a couple of hours if not more.”

Because at the end of the day, these animal lovers said, animals cannot advocate for themselves and they deserve to have water.”Everybody is trying to get through it,” Myers said.

The shelter is also seeking cash donations it can use toward repairing its well.

“This storm compounded the pain that people were already suffering because of the pandemic, and so I’m really hoping that we’re Houston Strong, and we come out, and we beat this,” said Fine.

The Houston Humane Society said anyone can come and donate water during business hours at the shelter located at 14700 Almeda Road. The public can also donate money for water and repairs online. They hope to get the well fixed very soon.

More info: www.HoustonHumane.org

URGENT PLEA: Due to the storm and damage one of our water well is not working. We have no water at the shelter and are...

Posted by Houston Humane Society on Thursday, February 25, 2021