Plumbers headed to Houston from all over country to help with repairs

KATY, Texas – Plumbers from across the county are coming to help with repairs in Texas.

One plumbing company from West Virginia raised $20,000 to help Houston area families with repairs. They plan to stay and work for the next several weeks straight.

“This whole trailer behind me is completely loaded and these vans are loaded,” said Bob Silberstein, with American Professional Plumbing Services based out of West Virginia.

Silberstein and his brother David are packing up and bringing tons of supplies to the Houston area.

“Pegs, copper, PVC, everything everybody’s home will need down there. Fittings, couplets,” Silberstein said.

He said this will help with the huge shortage. They plan to help about 1,000 homes in the next two weeks in some of the hardest-hit areas.

They posted on Facebook, “Getting loaded up to leave for a drive to Texas about 24 to 25 hours of driving and then we will be there to help those people in need. The crew plans to work seven days a week, 14 to 15 hour days for the next four weeks straight.”

“We are leaving at 4 a.m. tomorrow morning. We started a GoFundMe page last week so we can stock up on material to bring down to Texas. We raised $20,000 to help families that cannot afford plumbing repairs and those families the GofundMe will pay for,” Silberstein said.

Another crew came all the way from South Carolina to help with the cleanup of water damage.

Kingsley Restoration workers drove 16 hours and have been working for the past five days straight. This week focused on getting repairs done in Katy.

“We have been working 12-to 16-hour shifts. We got a call that said okay can you come out and help me we’re too busy we can’t keep up with all the calls and so we came out and started helping out,” said Salvator Louis, with Kingsley Restoration.

Another plumbing company is also in town from New Mexico.

They told KPRC 2 the work has just begun. They’ve also been working in Houston and Katy around the clock and will continue for the next several weeks.

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