Residents in Brazoria County still recovering in the aftermath of winter storm

ALVIN, Texas – In Brazoria County, many residents are still dealing with the aftermath of the winter storm and its unwelcomed consequences: Broken pipes and a lack of water.

This comes after last week’s winter storm left many without power. While most of the county has its power restored, residents said many neighborhoods are in need of help and resources.

“I knew there was water. I just closed the door hoping, I didn’t see what I saw,” said Deborah Mueller, an Alvin resident who showed KPRC 2 the damage the water did in her garage.

Mueller is like many residents in Alvin who are struggling after her pipes burst after the winter storm, despite covering them up the best she could.

“There’s no insulation in the attic,” Mueller said.

And, losing her power did not help. Mueller said it all started last Monday around 4 a.m. when she noticed that she was cold and realized her power was out.

“Ran back and climbed back under the covers and went back to sleep and it never came on,” Mueller said.

Charging what she could in her car, she survived frigid temperatures alone.

“Over 70 something hours ... then (the power) came on for 20 minutes,” Mueller explained.

Tuesday, adding insult to injury, she noticed that there was water pouring from the top of the inside of her garage.

“And that’s when I saw flooding -- and that’s when I ran out,” Mueller said.

She was in disbelief. On top of losing her power, she had lost her water too. She put in a call to a plumber. She wasn’t alone.

“I need a plumber, but I’m on the list,” Mueller said.

Many in need of plumbing fixes all over Greater Houston are finding themselves on a long waitlist as plumbers struggle to get to everyone and get supplies.

Mueller’s quest for water began.

“I went to Kroger to get a prescription -- nothing. (No water) on the shelves,” Mueller said.

While most of the residents in the county have their lights on, Mueller’s story resonates with many who are still in recovery or waiting for plumbing services. In fact, Brazoria County officials said Brazoria and Surfside cities still have a boil order in place, the Twin Lakes area near Damon is in need of major well repairs among other needs that the county is tending to. Meanwhile, the county says it is providing support to cities that request the need for resources like water.

Brazoria County officials said it is receiving pellets of water via military helicopter daily.

For Mueller who takes her wagon to her neighbor’s for water, HEB thankfully came through.

“I got two gallons and two cases,” Mueller said.

She hopes Alvin gets help and that plumbers get supplies soon.

“It would be like Christmas,” Mueller laughed.

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