Renter’s rights: What you need to know if you have storm damage

HOUSTON – Tamika Thomas is just one of the thousands of Houstonians living a wet, watery nightmare right now.

The water pipes above her bedroom burst open inside the home she is renting and now she is wondering who is going to fix the pipes and all the water damage.

“I was upstairs and all I heard was this big whoosh! I’m like what happened and all of the sudden I see all of this water pouring down,” Tamika said.

If you rent an apartment or a house or a condominium, it’s your landlords legal responsibility to fix the damage.

It’s your job to act quickly and notify your landlord of the problem right away to limit the damage done.

“Texas law requires the landlord to fix issues that result as a consequence of a natural disaster, especially those that threaten the health and well being of the tenants living in that home”, David Sadegh with Lone Star Legal Aid said.

David Sadegh is a lawyer specializing in landlord/tenant relations and he has this advice for you to get your landlord to take quick action.

  • Step One: Call your landlord immediately to report the problem.
  • Step Two: Back that call up with a written letter detailing the damage and send it via certified mail.
  • Step Three: Take pictures and or video to fully illustrate the problem.

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