Local plumber warns of scams as it may take days for busted pipes to be fixed

HOUSTON – The latest episode of Texas’ unprecedented winter storm has homeowners at a loss with busted pipes.

Many local plumbing companies are stretched thin dealing with a sudden volume in calls for help with supplies for the jobs dwindling.

Many homeowners are rushing to the stores trying to make their own repairs. A plan professional plumbers say could be a very bad idea.

ARS Rescue Rooter, a local plumbing company that has been serving the Greater Houston area for years, said the best way to manage the issue is for the pipes to be fixed properly.

The Bodukoglu family’s water froze and their pipes busted despite their best efforts to insulate them.

ARS plumbing manager Chuck Teeter came to render aid Friday, three days after the family called.

“We’re going five days without water,” said homeowner Melinda Bodukoglu. “We called Tuesday. It’s been three days, but the plumbers are doing their best.”

Melinda and her husband Gary Bodukoglu have been dealing with the aftermath of busted pipes: a headache for any homeowner.