‘Faulty construction’: Plumbers, contractors receiving flood of calls for pipes bursting

HOUSTON – Unscheduled extreme makeovers are happening throughout the area as a result of the extreme weather week that has paralyzed the state of Texas.

Licensed plumber Mike Marsh is seeing a lot of exposed pipes in places homeowners can’t, inside their walls. After examining one pipe that burst inside the wall of a home in Sienna Marsh had this assessment, “They’re not insulated. They’re not even taken proper care of.”

This pipe burst could have been avoided, according to Marsh. Not in the days leading up to this week’s storm and freezing temperatures but rather when the home was going up.

“This is faulty construction. If things were done right here, we wouldn’t have to repair this,” Marsh said.

General contractor Michael Ferguson is staying busy as well. However, this week has been unlike anything he has seen in 36-years of contractor work.

“Crazy, a nightmare, not believe what I’m seeing and having to deal with,” said Ferguson, outside of the home where he was doing sheetrock work on Thursday.

Plumbers and contractors are facing a significant challenge, primarily getting their hands-on materials to make necessary repairs.

“Right now we are trying to stop leaks, capping lines, that’s all we can do right now because we don’t have the parts to get the repairs done,” Ferguson said.

Lisa Carter and her husband Sam were in need of a quick fix after a watery discovery, “It was raining just everywhere in the entire room,” Carter said.

Carter was able to get repairs done because she has access to plumbing materials through her work.

“There are no parts to be had anywhere in the state of Texas. Everybody is trying to scramble to help everybody. Not only did I buy parts for my house but I bought parts for the plumbers so that he can go and fix other people’s houses to make them whole,” Carter said.

For Ferguson and Marsh, this was just another home on their list. Marsh shared that he has received approximately 2,000 calls and messages this week.

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