Galveston Marathon and Half Marathon canceled due to current state of emergency in Texas

GALVESTON, Texas – The City of Galveston has decided to cancel the Galveston Marathon and Half Marathon due to the current state of emergency in Texas and the devastation in Galveston due to the recent winter storms.

“This decision was not made lightly and without much thought to the racers and the city of Galveston and its residents,” the event’s Facebook page said Thursday. “Due to the current situation down here in Southeast Texas (where) millions of people without power for three or four days and some are still without power, there is a mandatory water boil in all southeast Texas currently.”

Galveston residents, as well as people across the state, have experienced broken pipes and mandatory boil water notices as a result of the recent weather conditions. Marathon directors said they cannot “further stress the Galveston infrastructure and take away the needed resources of the city crews and police to put on a run.”

The Facebook post said race directors will update everyone with more information later.

“Please know that we have been race directors for over 30 years and have never had to cancel a race due to the weather,” The post said. “This is an extreme situation for everyone down here.”

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