Animal cruelty investigators responding to reports of pets left outside in cold

Sgt. Darlene Chandler with Harris County Precinct 1 Animal Cruelty Unit and investigators with the Houston SPCA spent Wednesday responding to reports of animals possibly left in the cold.

“We’re going to remove this dog under what’s called exigent circumstances due to the inclement weather also due to him being abandoned,” Chandler said.

On one particular call in a neighborhood just north of downtown, a senior dog believed to have been abandoned for days and whose water bowel had frozen over was rescued Wednesday afternoon.

“Kind of like a relief you know, like you, don’t want to see him out there like that,” said neighbor Becka Johnson said.

Over the last few days, several animals have been rescued. Investigators responded to a local auto body shop, where they found six dogs left outside including one that had died.

Another call involving the Houston Humane Society resulted in a pet owner facing charges after investigators found eight dogs left outside.

Animal cruelty investigators want pet owners to know they could be in serious trouble for leaving their pets out in the elements.

”You just wonder how can somebody do that to an animal that they have you know that they have,” said Sgt. Chandler.

If you spot an animal left out in the cold or suspect animal cruelty, you can reach out to Harris County Precinct 1 Animal Cruelty Hotline at (832) 927-1659 or the Houston SPCA at 713-869-7722.

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