Q&A: Harris County meteorologist Jeff Lindner on the next round of storms

Q&A: Harris County meteorologist Jeff Lindner on the latest road conditions
Q&A: Harris County meteorologist Jeff Lindner on the latest road conditions

Harris County meteorologist Jeff Lindner spoke to KPRC 2′s Brittany Jeffers on Tuesday morning with the latest on the wintry weather in the area.

Lindner also talked about what’s ahead in the next 24-48 hours.

“So I think the point is, we’ve kind of made it about halfway through this whole event,” Lindner said.

“Last night, this morning, was the real cold. And now we’re going to start easing up on the cold a little bit, (but it’s) still below freezing, but easing up on these extreme temperatures. That’ll help some of our infrastructure start to come back online, but we will also still be dealing with some ice tonight and tomorrow. And then again, potentially, just re-freezing of the water on surfaces Wednesday night into Thursday morning.”

Here’s more of the Q&A:

Q: What can you tell us about what we’re seeing across the county right now?

A: Yeah, we were a little bit fortunate yesterday that we got a little bit of sun and it helped to melt some of that ice and snow overnight that that water has refrozen into black ice on a lot of the surface streets and the overpasses and so (it’s) very dangerous out there on the roadways this morning still, will probably see that again today. We’ll see some melting. And then the next storm system comes in tonight and tomorrow morning, with again some freezing rain and ice accumulations along and north of U.S. 59. So, north and west, you need to be careful after about 6 o’clock this evening. That’s when the winter storm warning goes into effect.

Q: We’ve had a lot of people across the area dealing with power outages, who say they want to check on their neighbors or loved ones or get somewhere where perhaps there is heat or power. What is your advice to them at this point, as far as travel is concerned?

A: Yeah, we can certainly understand the frustration right now. You know, my own house, where my wife and kids are at, has been out since yesterday morning with no power and water. So I can certainly understand the want to move to somewhere else that has heat and water, but please be very, very careful on the roads. I is dangerous out there. We have been incredibly fortunate so far that we have not had a lot of accidents. People have really listened and taken this seriously. We don’t want to reverse what we have done really good.

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