Local EMT’s medical equipment, clinical paperwork stolen from car in Katy area

KATY – A local EMT is out hundreds of dollars worth of medical equipment after it was stolen from his car late Wednesday night along with important paperwork.

EMT Keiran Rosas said stopped for a late-night bite at a business in a Katy area strip center along South Mason Road near Cimarron when his car was broken into.

“I would say at least $600 to $800 of medical supplies was in that bag,” said Kieran Rosas, who had several items stolen from his car.

Rosas said he was only inside for about half an hour and when he came outside he knew something was wrong after spotting broken glass by his car.

”Went outside and I noticed that my passenger front window was shattered,” Rosas said.

The crooks managed to get away with a stethoscope, trauma shears and other costly medical equipment.

But making matters worse, also inside the backpack they stole was important clinical paperwork Rosas needs as he studies to be a paramedic.

“Material stuff can be replaced, but those hours of clinical and paperwork that I had in there, that unfortunately, I don’t think can be replaced,” Rosas said.

Rosas spent the day at home on Thursday and unable to go to work as he’s now looking to replace his much-needed medical equipment and figure out what to do about his paperwork.

”Ultimately, I would just hope that somebody would, even like dumps my bag somewhere and hopefully somebody else finds it with all my paperwork inside that’s all I really want,” said Rosas.

Rosas has since filed a report with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office but is hoping someone is able to find his stolen items and will return them.

He is also working with his clinical director to see what can be done about his stolen paperwork.

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