Housing organization empowers underserved residents with COVID-19 information

HOUSTON – A building-by-building, door-to-door effort took place Wednesday to help protect some of the most vulnerable Houstonians from COVID-19.

Staff from New Hope Housing continued that effort at an apartment complex on Harrisburg Street tucked between EADO and the Second Ward. It is something they’ve been doing for nearly a year.

“When the pandemic hit Houston in 2020, we knew we had to start doing outreach immediately,” said Sarah Mangrem, the director of resident programming for New Hope Housing.

New Hope has more than 1500 residents in nine properties across Houston. Most are low-income or formerly homeless. Staffers have been going to every property to arm all their residents with information to stay healthy and receive the vaccine.

“To ensure where they know to get the vaccine, that they’re registered and on lists for vaccines, and they can safely get to and from their appointment to receive the vaccine,” Mangrem said.

“I took the shot the 20th of January and I take the second one the 19th of this month, next Friday,” said resident John Wilford.

While Wilford is already on track for that second dose he’s thankful his neighbors will have the information needed to keep themselves safe from the coronavirus.

“It’ll be better you know. Feel safer,” said Wilford.

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