Houston hospitals need more nurses to help care for COVID-19 patients

Need for nurses to care for COVID patients
Need for nurses to care for COVID patients

HOUSTON – Nurses are playing an important role in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and Houston’s health authority said hospitals are looking for more of them.

“Our hospitals remain very full and all of the hospital systems are hiring nurses right now,” said Dr. David Persse, also the city’s chief medical officer.

Speaking with the news media on Monday, he also had a message for retired nurses and nurses currently out of the workforce.

“If you’re thinking about getting back into it, the community could certainly use you now,” Dr. Persse said.

In a follow-up message provided by a health department spokesman, Dr. Persse said. “Houston’s nursing shortage is not new, it’s just more problematic now because it’s the limiting factor to increasing capacity.”

Browse the career section for some of the area’s hospitals and you can see the job postings.

“The demand is fierce across the board. Everyone needs and is looking for nurses in all capacities,” said Angela Gray, regional business development manager for ProHealth Medical Staffing.

The Houston company helps fill healthcare jobs in the area.

“Last week, we’re seeing orders everywhere across the board in numbers that I’ve never witnessed before,” she said.

Between the pandemic, the vaccine rollout, the high demand for nurses and the limited supply, Gray said it has become tougher to find candidates for some of the jobs.


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